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Frailea aurea

Original Publication
Backeberg, Backeb. & F. M. Knuth, Kaktus ABC, 247, 415., 1935

Original Description

Frailea áurea Bckbg. 1935. — Kugleformet, indtil 2—3 cm tyk, indsænket i Toppen; svage, rundagtige Vorter; 14 smaa Torne, kamstillede, tilpressede, rettede til Siden og nedad. Blomsten gul; Frugten svovlgult haaret. — Uruguay: ved Montevideo.
(Latin description with thanks to Wolfgang Gemmrich)
Globosa, ad 2,3 cm diametro, apice depressa, tuberculis perparvis, subrotundis, areolis globosis, brunneo – tomentosis; aculeolis 14, aureis, pectinatim versus latera et basin incumbentibus; flore luteo, fructu sulphureo, pubescente. – Uruguay: prope Montevideo.


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