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  • Backeberg, Curt: (1894-1966)
  • Berka, Lubomir:
  • Britton, Nathaniel Lord: (1859-1934)
  • Buining, Albert F.H. (Albert Frederik Hendrik Buining, 25 august 1901 - 9 may 1976)
    A Dutch public servant whose culture and love of cactusses began when he was only 18. From 1940-1968 he was chairman of the Dutch cactus-society "Succulenta". From 1959 - 1968 he was major of the city Leusden. In 1950, he also helped found the I.O.S. (The International Organization for Succulent Plant Study. For an informative page on this event, including his foto, see: http://www.iosweb.org/history.php.)
    In the early 60's, Alfred Buining, along with John D. Donald (English) and the F. Ritter (German), contributes to the re-classification of the genus Rebutia.
    In 1966 he began his botanical trips to South America, especial Brazil. A creative and prolific worker, Mr Buining published more than 130 first descriptions and his seminal monograph about the genus "Discocactus". Sadly he dies on the 9th of may 1976, just before the publication of his monograph. For those of us who continue to study and enjoy these elegant plants, it must be said that "We stand on the shoulders of giants!"
    More info regarding the genus "Discocactus" can be found at: http://www.discocactus.nl/index.htm
  • Fraile, Manuel: The person to whom the genus Frailea is named. He was born at Salamanca, Spain, in 1850, and for many years he has diligently cared for the cactus collection in the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.
  • Gerloff, Norbert: (1947-)
  • Halda, Josef Jakob: (1943-)
  • Kiesling, Roberto:
  • Malina, Miroslav:
  • Mentzing, Detlev:
  • Lopez de Kiesling, Angeles Graciela died 1985. Ex wife of Roberto Kiesling flourished from 1977 (or earlier). As well as the Frailea commemorated in Gymnocalycium angelae. A reference is in Hickenia 1(31): 166. 1978.
  • Prestlé, Karl Heinz:
  • Rose, Joseph Nelson: (1862-1928)
  • Salengue, Elisa (1982-).
    Elisa was born in the countryside of southermost region of Rio Grande do Sul. In 2000 she change the fields by the mountain of highlands in RS (Serra Gaúcha), where she graduated as tourism bachelor´s. In 2006, she became postgraduated in Biodiversity Management and Conservation, when she returned to pampa. During the field work of this course (2005) she saw the first flowering cacti, since this she start to research about these plants enjoying every oppotunity to observe them in nature. Today she is studing to be biologist and this was the greatest incentive.
  • Voll, Otto: ( -1959):
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