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Frailea cataphracta var. duchii

F. cataphracta var. duchii
Afb. 3: F. cataphracta var. duchii LB 3102/VoS 301 (foto V. Schädlich)

Original Publication
Nat. Cact. Succ. J. 32 (4): 83-84, 1977

Original Description


References in Literature
Frailea’s ook in Paraguay. Ludwig Bercht & Volker Schädlich. Succulenta (Netherlands) 87(1):36-42. 2008.
Nieuwe combinaties en namen voor cactussen uit Brazilie, Bolivia en Paraguay. Pierre J. Braun en Eddie Esteves Pereira. Succulenta (Netherlands) 74 (3): 130-135, 1995.



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