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Frailea pseudograhliana

Original Publication
Fric ex Backeberg & F. M. Knuth, Kaktus-ABC, 248, nomen., 1935

Original Description
F. pseudograhliana Fric. 1934 nom. nud. kan ikke defineres.


References in Literature
"Bestaat „Frailea pulcherrima Arech"? Vit. Hraba, Brno. C.S.S.R., Succulenta (Netherlands) 47(7): 104-105, 1968."
De genus Frailea Geschiedenis en cultuur. Albert Leroy. Cactussen en Vetplanten, 25e jaargang 2008, no 1.
Paraguayaanse dwergen in de twintigste eeuw. Lubomir Berka, Succulenta (Netherlands) 79(5): 216-221, 2000.



Field Numbers
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